The most frequent disturbing emotions in relation to the Five Elements are:

– dissatisfaction, frustration, sense of injustice, resentment cause Liver Qi stagnation which may produce expressed or unexpressed anger. Deficient Wood energy leads to lack of desire, depression (Wood).

– circular mental rumination, repetitive thoughts may become obsessive, excessive mental work injures the Spleen (Earth).

– fears (Water).

– emotional loss, grief, lack of affection (Fire) – Blood deficiency and Blood Heat of the Pericardium cause anguish (Fire Minister).

– sadness, grief, melancholy (Metal).

The Liver is the major drainer of the energies in the body (it particularly drains all types of emotions).

When the Liver can no longer drain the emotions that turned into fire, the Pericardium intervenes to protect the Heart. This fire overheats the Pericardium which drains off on the Stomach chain from ST 11 to ST 30, the Stomach being the PC’s emunctory through its midday/midnight relationship with PC. Most emotional shocks are imprinted on this chain (ST 14 is a major point, often blocked after any kind of emotional shock).

The decoding of the Stomach chain by Jacques Pialoux (« Guide to Acupuncture and Moxibustion ») is validated by practice. Each point is related to an organ or a viscera.


It indicates whether there is a disturbance in the emotional chain of the Stomach that needs to be corrected.

Several tests that give the same result are possible:

– transverse interrogation of the dermis in front of the patella

– transverse interrogation of the epidermis at the level of the pisiform bone of the wrist

Controls are made on both sides



It is done through a transversal interrogation of the epidermis of the Element positions (Water, Wood, Fire…) in the radial groove but above (towards the root of the limb) fingers when taking pulses.
For example, a great fear will often be inscribed on the Water position. ST 11 or ST 23 points related to the Kidneys will be closed. The “Water” point of the Pericardium channel (PC 3) on the blocked side in the overall control is also closed.


This is done by putting down one hand on the closed point corresponding to the disturbed energy function on the blockedsideintheoverallcontrol, the other hand covers the vertex region (top of the head) looking for a “rope” between hands – the therapist has the sensation that his/her hands are connected by a rope, he/she then does nothing more and waits for its release in the following seconds. The point is opened again.

Palpation research has shown that the “vertex centre” is related to 4 therapeutic levels:
– the emotional chain of Du Mai
– the emotional chain of the Stomach channel
– the emotional chain of the Gallbladder channel
– the cephalic control points of the Extraordinary Channels
A blockage of this centre indicates a disturbance in at least 1 of these 4 levels.