Traditional chinese medicine by the geometrical method

Diagnosis in Traditional Chinese Medicine is mainly given by questioning the patient, inspecting the tongue, the complexion and the nails, abdominal palpating and radial pulse taking.

From these elements the therapist whose interpretation is not thoroughly free of his/her own subjectivity, chooses through reasoning to puncture some points with needles, to warm them up with moxas, to massage them or to use cupping glasses.

However, the energy system is so complex that there might be a gap, a distortion between the intellectual approach of the practitioner and the energetic reality of the patient.

Our method is entirely manual, without needles, moxa, or pharmacopeia. It is based on a specific palpation of the acupuncture points, channels, and tissues of the human body in resonance with the energetic functions.

"Only the tissues know"

It is not the therapist who decides what is right to do for the patient, to bring energy here or there, actually, the tissues show him/her where the body is in need. For this, we must find a key to reading (how to palpate) and a reading grid (where to palpate). Energy should not be a vague concept but a tangible reality in his/her hands.

Active interrogation which studies the response of a tissue to a stimulation allows to assess the flow of energy in all structures, to identify a closed point or a stagnation in channels and organs, among others.

The principle of resonance is the basis of the reading grid. The energy system is reflected in the anatomy, in the physical structures (bones, muscles, dermis, epidermis). Their palpation gives information about the energetic functions that are disturbed and on what level they are disturbed (physical, emotional, spiritual).

The reading grid is the result of several decades of research and observations based on the teachings of Jacques Pialoux and Régis Blin. 

The correction, also applicable to physical trauma following shocks and falls, consists in giving the body the information that will allow it to correct itself.

The therapist only shows the points related to the disturbed energetic functions and determined by the reading grid. These points, then, “respond” and “communicate” again and a change is perceived right away under his/her hands. 

The Geometric Method can be used either as a full-fledged treatment or as the possibility of confirming a diagnosis or assessing the effectiveness of corrections made with more traditional techniques.

It is described in the book titled “A Chinese Medicine Geometrical Healing Handbook” published by Discovery Publisher. A new revised and expanded edition will be available soon.

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