First, we remind you some fundamental principles of our approach to TCM:

The energy system is reflected in the anatomy, in the body tissues (bones, muscles, dermis, epidermis…). The therapist does not know, the patient does not know where the body is in need at the point of examination, ONLY THE TISSUES KNOW. A practitioner, however erudite he/she may be, will always be overwhelmed by the complexity of the energy system. Qi should not be a vague concept but a tangible reality in hands. The principle of correction and other fundamental aspects of our approach to TCM have been discussed in previous posts.

The basic function of the PERICARDIUM is to protect the Heart. Its imbalance, resulting in chest or throat tightness and cardiovascular pathologies as high blood pressure, heart rate disorders, coronary problems, stroke…, can be improved by a specific correction of the PC channel.



One of several possible controls is the transverse interrogation of the dermis at the lower extremity of the sternum level (xyphoid process).



It is done through a dermis transverse interrogation of the ulnar groove, at the proximal level of the wrist.



If the Earth position is not free, the PC 7 (Earth point of the PC channel) is closed on the blocked side in the overall control.


The therapist puts one hand down on the PC point and, with the other one, looks for the area on the occipital part of the skull (anatomically at the level of the posterior part of the bulb and the nuclei of the vagus nerve (X); PC and TW are in resonance with the autonomic nervous system), linked to the PC point.


We also study the Pericardium in relation to:

– the emotional chain of the Stomach channel

– the Yin Wei Mai (master point is PC 6)

There is a specific correction for PC 6 which allows to increase Yin energy and lower the emotional fire.