A clinical case n°1

Summary of the anamnesis : Mrs. B., 45 years old, consults for a right cervical pain which goes up to the back of the skull, radiating towards the right scapula, persistent at rest and not relieved by analgesics. This pain occurred 3 weeks ago with no apparent cause. Also, this patient complains of sleep disorders (she wakes up several times with difficulty to go back to sleep) currently aggravated by pain, chronic fatigue, some anxiety at the end of the day, spasms and bloating of the digestive tract. She feels tense, irritable, stressed by work.

Here is what we FIND TO CORRECT IN THE READING GRID (we remind you that it is the body that shows us where it is in need and not the therapist who chooses the points to use) :

It is important to understand that if we had to treat this patient without questioning, we would have made the same corrections. Only the body tissues know !

A clinical case n°2

Anamnesis : Mrs G., 48 years old suffers chronically from spasmodic abdominal pain, bloating, irregular transit (alternating constipation and diarrhea). The intestinal disorders started in childhood. They are aggravated by emotional stress. Currently in acute phase with weight loss since an emotional shock four months ago. The medical diagnosis is chronic functional colopathy (irritable bowel) and suspicion of Crohn’s disease. She is on a gluten-free diet, she does not eat fruits and cabbage. She also complains of fatigue, lower back pain and anxiety.

Here is what we find to correct this day in the reading grid :

We verify that in chronic cases the main points are located on the trunk (and the head).