Cover A chinese medicine geometrical healing handbook

A Chinese Medicine Geometrical Healing Handbook

published by Discovery Publisher

Diagnosis in Traditional Chinese Medicine is mainly given by questioning the patient, inspecting the tongue, the complexion and the nails, abdominal palpating and radial pulse taking. From these elements, the therapist, whose interpretation is not thoroughly free of one’s own subjectivity, chooses through reasoning to puncture some points with needles, to warm them up with moxas, to massage them or to use cupping glasses. The energetic system however is so complex that there might be a gap or a distortion between the intellectual approach of the practitioner and the energetic reality of the patient.

The object of this book is not to replace the traditional diagnosis methods and needling techniques but to provide an additional tool to enhance the efficiency of treatments. Our perspective is based on a specific palpation of tissues which allows to determine the energetic functions that are disturbed and on what level (physical, emotional or spiritual.)

Couverture livre Le petit traité géométrique de médecine chinoise

This book is also available in french

Petit traité géométrique de médecine chinoise

published by Discovery Publisher

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