About the authors of A Chinese Medicine Geometrical Healing Handbook

Photo Denys Jacques

Denys Jacques

After studying physiotherapy and graduating in 1985, he turned towards manual therapies that take into consideration the whole human being. Philippe SOUCHARD trained him in Mézieres Method based on the stretching of the tense and shrot muscle chains.

In 1987, he began studying Traditional Chinese Medicine at the S.F.E.R.E. college in Aix-en-Provence where he was instructed by Jacques PIALOUX, Régis BLIN and Jean-Pierre GUILIANI. He shared their approach focused on the Yi-Jing that contains the general code of Life.

Simultaneously, he undertook to study osteopathy at the EUROSTEO college before being trained in Micro-physiotherapy, a manual therapy that searches the disruptive imprints of aggressions affecting the body.

Following this enriching experience, he has developed a reading grid of the tissues in relation to the various components of the Chinese energetic system, as well as a specific correction mode that are both covered in “A Chinese Medicine Geometrical Healing Handbook”, the culmination of several decades of research.

He lives and works in Arles.

Photo Victor Jacques

Victor Jacques

Victor JACQUES is the son of Denys JACQUES. He got a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the S.F.E.R.E. college where the same instructors trained his father 25 years earlier.

He has contributed to the elaboration of the tissue reading grid with Denys JACQUES and to the writing of “A Chinese Medicine Geometrical Healing Handbook”.

Passionate about shamanism, he embarked upon studies in Mexico where for he lived a few years. He has been committed to the promotion of traditional healing practices in that country and in Latin America.