In chronic pathologies, energy stagnations in the channels are the manifestation, the consequence of disorders located deeper, at the level of organs and viscera. The main points to be treated are then those on the trunk and the head (Shu/Mu points, the central Extraordinary Channels points…).

At a more superficial level, the circulation in the channels can be disturbed by an obstruction (like a road traffic-am or a clogged pipe) at one point or between two points, essentially in their peripheral path, i.e., on the limbs.

Overall control

One possibility is the horizontal interrogation on the surface (epidermis) of the lateral side of the 5th metatarsal, in the longitudinal axis (see picture 1).

Interrogation on the surface of the lateral side of the 5th metatarsal in the longitudinal axis

Determining the blocked channels

It is done through a crosswise interrogation of the dermis of the radial groove (exactly where the practitioner places his/her fingers for pulse taking). A blockage in the Earth position indicates a disturbance in the circulation of the Spleen and/or Stomach channels (see picture 2).

Disturbance in the circulation of the Spleen and/or the Stomach channels

Correction of the disturbed channels

The overall control indicates the side to be treated. The therapist strokes the channel with his/her fingertips from the base of the limb to its extremity (or in the other way) until he feels an « obstacle » under his/her hand. It is essential that he/she does not focus his attention on his hand, the « sweeping » movement of the channel must start from his belly and the sensation of blockage is as much under his hand as in his belly. He then passes his hand 2 or 3 times until the blockage sensation disappears (see picture 3).

The stomach channel
The therapist can assess the effectiveness of his correction by redoing the overall control or the test in the radial groove.