Description of the centres

Chapter VI

Reminder :

Palpatory observations and research have allowed us to determine regions of the body called « centres » which are both ENTRY DOOR AND CORRECTION ZONE. Each centre is related to one or more energy functions. These are not the chakras of the Indo-Tibetan Tradition. The control of the centres is done through a horizontal transverse interrogation on the surface (epidermis) with the last 4 fingers laid flat. On photo 1, the location of the centres and the therapeutic levels or energy functions that are linked to them.

Picture 1 : The centres

Study of 2 centres

Picture 2 : control of the vertex centre

The vertex centre controls the 3 emotional chains of the Du Mai, Stomach and Gall Bladder channels, and the cephalic control points of the Extraordinary Channels (from GB 1 to GB 9- Ben Shen, current GB 13).

The points are located on the foot channels, at the trunk and head level. A blockage of the vertex centre indicates a disturbance in at least 1 emotional chain or in the cephalic control points of the Extraordinary Channels.

The interrogation of one half-centre makes it possible to determine the laterality of the blockage.

The left thoracic centre controls :

  • the Jing Bie Back-Shu points (classic Back-Shu points such as UB13, UB 15, UB 18…)
  • the function Back-Shu points (UB 11, UB12, UB 14…)
  • the Jing Bie Front-Mu points (classic Front-Mu points)

The blockage of this centre indicates a disturbance in at least 1 of these 3 therapeutic levels, on the right or on the left. Specific controls determine first the therapeutic level disturbed and then the energetic function (Liver, Spleen, Stomach…) to be corrected in this level.

Each point in a chain having its own energetic orientation (for example, UB 13 -> LU, UB 15 -> HT, UB 18 -> LI…), it is easy to find the point to be used. At palpation, this point is closed (it does not respond to a vertical interrogation on the surface). For corrections, the general principle is to connect the point with the centre.

Picture 3 : control of the left thoracic centre
Picture 4 : control of the occipital centre

We would like to draw the reader’s attention to the fact that in chronic pathologies the main points are located at the trunk and head level (Extraordinary Channels and “chains” of points).

The point/organ correspondences were established by Jacques Pialoux (Guide to Acupuncture and Moxibustion, Fondation Cornélius Celsus publisher).

The corrections of energetic disorders based on his decoding confirm their accuracy.