GB 39, the hui meeting point of the marrow

The Gallbladder is part of the Extraordinary Yang organs with the Brain, Marrow, Bones, Blood Vessels and Uterus. These energetic structures are related to the Earlier Heaven. It is the Kidneys, the pillar of the Earlier Heaven, which mainly nourish the marrow.

GB 39 point, Xuan Zhong, is located one handbreadth above the top of the lateral malleolus. It is the Hui meeting point of the marrow and controls the brain (the Sea of Marrow). This point is particularly indicated in pathologies of the central nervous system (multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, alzheimer’s disease…)

Overall control

Réunion des moelles du 39VB
Picture 1

It is done through a transverse interrogation on the surface in the lower quarter of the inner side of the leg (in the region of the SP 6 point). This tissue area is in resonance with the main function of the GB 39 point (it is to nourish the marrow) – an acupuncture point often has several functions – (picture 1).


It consists in connecting GB 39 point with SP 11 point, Ji Men (located 6 cuns above GB 10 point, Xue Hai) (photo 2). Thus Xuan Zhong allows the marrow to be re-fed from the Spleen, from the energy of the Later Heaven.

Note that when palpated, the skull which was tight, hard on the side of the closed GB 39 point , then « breathes » after correction and GB 39 point s open.

Picture 2