According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the teeth considered as an extension of the bones are part of the Extraordinary Yang organs which are related to the Earlier Heaven energies, the ancestral energies (Yuan Qi, Jing Qi). They touch the deepest level of the Being. Each « dental lodge » (tooth, alveolar bone and periodontal ligament) is related to an Extraordinary Channel and to an organ or viscera, and this even if the tooth is fallen out.


We have to control 2 entry doors:

1) the temporomandibular joint (TMJ)                                  2) the lower face of the chin (see the study below)

This is done by a transversal interrogation of the dermis at the level of the lower face of the chin symphysis (picture 1). It is possible to interrogate one side to determine the laterality of the blockage.

Picture 1

Confirmation by transverse surface interrogation of the dorsal side of the distal interphalangeal joint of the index finger (picture 2).

Picture 2


The surface (epidermis) transverse interrogation of the dental arch below the lower lip indicates a disturbance at the organ/viscera level (picture 3).

Picture 3

The surface transverse interrogation of the dental arch above the upper lip indicates a disturbance at the Extraordinary Channel level (picture 4).

Picture 4

1) Determining the disturbed the organ/viscera

It is done through a transverse interrogation of the ulnar groove of the wrist at the osseous level (ulna), respecting the traditional distribution of the energetic positions (Fire, Wood, Water…) (picture 5)

Picture 5: interrogation of the Fire-Wood-Water positions (from the left to the right)

2) Determining the Extraordinary Channel

The search for the disturbed Extraordinary Channel is done by vertically interrogating the surface of the cephalic control points of the Extraordinary Channels, from GB 1 to GB 9 (currently 13VB). The therapist, with the p3 phalanx of his/her fingers laid flat, interrogates the area around the point (picture 6). 

Reminder of the cephalic control points and endocrine glands in resonance with the Extraordinary Channels:     

Picture 6: interrogation of the GB 2 area (Yin Wei Mai)


It is done in 2 steps:

  1. From the hand on the lower face of the chin symphysis at the dermis level, the therapist, with the other hand, searches for a precise area within the corresponding organ or endocrine gland (picture 7).

Note: for the epiphysis, the therapist looks for an area around the vertex (top of the head) and for the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, an area at the hairline, on the central anterior line of the body.

Picture 7

2)  The therapist keeps one hand on this area of the organ and, with the other hand, looks for the related dental lodge (see the teeth decoding below), on the side blocked in the overall control. He/she only waits for the release of the tension between his/her 2 hands (picture 8).

Picture 8

IV - Notes

The therapist will make the link between what he finds in palpation and the decoding proposed by D. Debar and M. Arteil according the Drs. Woll and Paulet’s work.

The relations between teeth and organs work in both directions: an energetic blockage of a tooth has repercussions on the organ or gland in relation and vice versa. The tooth is not painful.

By this study based on palpation, we confirm the accuracy of this tooth-organ decoding.

This recent study is not mentioned in our book “A Chinese Medicine Geometrical Healing Handbook”  

The tooth-Extraordinary Channel is the same for the upper and lower dental arches


Dents permanentes = Permanent teeth