The Liver is the major drainer of emotions of all types. An emotional overload can cause an energy stagnation in the Liver and secondarily in the Du Mai. Stronger emotions turn into fire.

The Pericardium and the Gallbladder intervene by putting a barrier, a protection to prevent the passage of fire, the Liver Yang to the Heart (see the study of the 3 emotional chains of the Du Mai, the Stomach – in which the fire into the Pericardium is discharged – and the Gallbladder in chapter VIII).

The DM 20 point, a fundamental point to balance the psychic Yang energy, connects us to the energy of Heaven but an important emotional fire closes this point.

In this study we propose a specific correction of the 20DM in relation to the PC channel. The one in relation with the GB channel will be published in a forthcoming article.  To test the point, the therapist places 3 fingers flat on the area of the 20DM (the palpation of the point must be large enough) and uses a vertical interrogation on the surface (epidermis).  If the point is closed, it does not respond to the impulse given by the therapist (picture 1).

Picture 1 : palpation of the DM 20 point

Overall control

Picture 2 : overall control on the middle third of the sternum body

This is done by a transversal interrogation of the epidermis at the level of the middle third of the sternum body (picture 2).

The therapist can interrogate one side then the other to determine the laterality of the blockage.        

Confirmation of the blockage in relation to the MC channel by transverse interrogation of the head of the 3rd metacarpal in the palm of the hand, on the surface (picture 3).

Picture 3 : confirmation by transversal interrogation of the 3rd metacarpal’s head


The therapist puts one hand on the 20DM point and, with the other one, searches for an area linked to this point in the PC 8 area (PC Fire point), on the median transverse fold, on the side blocked in the overall control (picture 4).

Picture 4 : correction of DM 20 point

After correction, the 20DM point is opened again. It allows to bring down the excess of Yang energy.

Depending on the nature (anger, fear, sadness.. ) of the emotions some points on the 3 emotional chains of the Du Mai,  the Stomach and the Gallbladder, close (see capter VIII).