Spleen and rheumatism

SPLEEN governs the connective tissue. In local or diffuse rheumatic pain, a disturbance of Spleen must be sought.

The essential points :

Controls and correction
  • SP 17 point, corresponding to Spleen on the Spleen chain which is linked to the 6 phases of the disease (see chapter XI). Rheumatism is a characteristic of phase IV = toxin impregnation, related to the Tai Yin (SP-LU). Controls and correction (picture1) are detailed in chapter XI.
Circulation blockage in the spleen channel
  • circulation blockage in the Spleen channel (picture 2).

We recall the immune function of the Spleen is affected in the present covid-19 pandemic.

TW and thyroid gland

In thyroid disorders the TRIPLE WARMER- YANG WEI MAI axis is disturbed. Yang Wei Mai is in resonance with thyroid and parathyroid glands. This often affects people who run out of time.

The essential points :

  • TW 15 – GB 21 are the points corresponding to TW on the Spleen chain, although not located on the Spleen channel (see picture 3).
  • circulation blockage in the TW channel.
  • TW 5, Yang Wei Mai master point
  • GB 4, Yang Wei Mai cephalic control point (see chapter IX)
  • circulation blockage in the Ren Mai at the throat level.
TW 15 - GB 21

Patients under treatment (levothyroxine…) have a blockage of the TW channel that persists even at the end of the session. One of the 5 Shu points on the TW channel responds less well.

Parathyroid glands disturbance results in muscle spasms causing stiff neck, lumbago, viscera spasms (at the laryngeal, abdominal… levels). Frequent in people who are stressed and tense, after a contrariety (Shao Yang axis).

The proposed corrections are not exhaustive. The fundamental principle is to correct what is found. We underline the importance of the Spleen chain in treatments.