The birth trauma

The disturbances of birth on the cranial bones of the newborn can cause disorders such as excessive crying, disturbed sleep, agitation, digestive (colic, regurgitation) and muscular problems (congenital torticollis, head always turned to the same side).


The sensation of mobility of the cranial bones under the therapist’s hands is caused by a movement of energy in the bones and not by a movement of the bones in the 3 planes of space (see the topic about the energy movement of the cranial bones).

The control of the energy movement, which gives malleability and flexibility to the skull, is done by a vertical interrogation at the bone level: the therapist, with fingers flat, studies the response of the bone to a light impulse directed vertically from the surface to the center of the skull.

If the energy circulates freely, he perceives a return movement, a rebound; the bone « breathes ». If there is a blockage or stagnation of energy, there is little or no response from the bone; it appears hard, without “elasticity” (pictures 1-2-3).


The therapist can quickly interrogate the different cranial bones.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

These disturbances may be related to the physical trauma of childbirth, during the passage through the pelvis, especially if it was complicated, long, with the use of instruments (forceps, vacuum…) or even during the intrauterine period (wrong foetal position, cord around the neck, etc.).

Corrections are made from the traumatic center of the ankle, on the lateral side of the body (essentially the head and neck, in this case) in an area located at the height of the blockage (see photo 4 and topic about physical trauma).

Blockage of the « Window of the Sky » points (DM 16, GB 20, UB 10…) can disturb the energy movement of the occiput; they are specifically corrected (see photos 5-6 and chapter XVII).

The most frequent corrections are at the occiput and the occiput-1st cervical articulation (C0-C1).

The birth trauma can also and above all be emotional, the anxiety experienced in the canal causing fears, night terrors, abdominal pain in the infant and young child.  It is considered as the basic model for all future anxieties (see Otto Rank’s work and Stanislav Grof’s perinatal matrices).

Corrections are made on the outer pathway of the Urinary Bladder channel, from the occipital center (see chapter XIII and various previous articles), with 2 essential points:

  • UB 52 (L2), in relation to the Kidneys
  • UB 53 (S2), in relation to the Pericardium

After the complete treatment of the reading grid, the therapist can ensure the effectiveness of the corrections made by re-testing the cranial bones. 

Picture 4
Picture 5 : overall control of the "Window of the Sky" points
Picture 6 : correction GB 20 point
Picture 7 : control of the occipital center