the energetic palpation

An acupuncture point is a « transceiver ». It receives and transmits INFORMATION. As a result of external aggressions (climatic, infectious, toxic, traumatic…) or internal (emotional…) , some points close and no longer communicate with the energy system causing stagnations and deficiencies in the channels and the body.

A well-functioning point « answers » when « interrogated ». It responds to a stimulation, a VERTICAL impulse located on the surface of the point, at the epidermis level (see picture1). 

A closed point does not respond. This palpation can be acquired with little training and practice- no extraordinary talent is necessary- and it is reliable (all therapists have the same result).

If a practitioner tests all the points in a patient first, he/she will find that many of them are closed because, on the one hand, a blockage at a deep level has an effect on many channels and points. For example, ST 14 and ST 18 are the points related to Liver on the emotional chain of Stomach. A ST 14 blockage following an emotional shock (the point does not respond) leads to an energy stagnation in the Liver channel and possibly in other channels), some points of the Liver channel are closed but using these will be ineffective since the cause is at the ST 14 level.

On the other hand, the body puts up barriers and closes points to protect itself. If the therapist removes them prematurely, without having treated the cause, this can lead to « decompensation ».

Figure 2
Figure 3

The reading grid, through a specific palpation of tissues (epidermis, dermis, tendon, bone) that are in resonance with the different energetic levels, allows to find out where the body is in need and what points have to be corrected at the time of examination.

This palpation most often consists in a CROSSWISE HORIZONTAL INTERROGATION (transversally to the longitudinal axis of the body) (see pictures 2-3-4).

Figure 4
Figure 5
Figure 6

For example, the emotional chain of the Stomach channel  is controlled by a crosswise interrogation of the dermis facing the patella (picture 5) and the epidermis facing the pisiform (picture 6).

Figure 7

The disturbed energetic function is determined through an epidermis crosswise interrogation of the radial groove, above the radial pulses (see picture 7).

To correct the disorder, the therapist only has to show and inform the body of the points determined by the reading grid. As soon as the body has integrated the information, the points open. There is no mechanical action on the point, no tonification nor dispersion. Only the information matters. Only the tissues know.

After a complete treatment (30 to 40 minutes per session), all the points respond again (except in the case of chronic pathologies).