To study the ENERGY MOVEMENT OF THE UTERUS – an anterior rotation movement – the therapist interrogates, with the palm of hand, the dermis facing the sacrum with an impulse directed upwards, cephalically (see picture and topic on the energy movement of the viscera).

If he/she cannot « cross » the dermis, if he/she feels a resistance to his/her thrust, it is because the energy does not circulate well in the uterus, its vital rhythm, called motility in osteopathy, is disturbed.

We remind you that the therapist must be sure, before interrogating the dermis, that he can mobilize it on the underlaying tissue.

The possible blockage will only appear in the cephalic direction. After treatment, he/she will be able to assess the effectiveness of the corrections made by redoing this control.

In gynaecological pathologies, the EXTRAORDINARY CHANNELS are often concerned (see chapter IX) :

  • Ren Mai
  • Dai Mai (GB 26 – GB 27 – GB 28)
  • Yin Wei Mai (in relation to the emotional plane: PC 6, GB 2..)
  • Chong Mai: SP 4

Also verify the lower Dan Tian (see post dated December 13th), SP 6 (see chapter XXVIII), the 3 foot Yin channels…

Controls and corrections in the reading grid.