The KD 1 point, Yong Quan is the lowest point of the body, it is the only one located at the sole of the foot.

It allows to be anchored to the earth, to take root.

The closed KD 1 point indicates there is a loss of contact with the earth. The person may experience difficulties

to live in the present, in the real. He/she cannot get out his thoughts, out of his imagination.

I - Overall control

It is made through a surface crosswise (transverse) interrogation of the greater wing of the Sphenoid (temple) (picture 1).

Picture 1

Confirmation by a surface transverse interrogation on the dorsal face of the distal interphalangeal of the middle  finger (picture 2).

Picture 2


Picture 3 : the transverse interrogation of the Fire-Wood-Water positions, from the left to the right

The loss contact with the earth can affect particularly one Element. The search is made through a transverse

interrogation of the ulna with three fingers above the radial pulses, respecting the traditional Elements’ positions (picture 3).

III - Correction

2 steps:

  • on the blocked side in the overall control, the therapist, through a vertical interrogation on the surface with 

the pulp of the index finger, searches for the zone that does not respond in the region of the KD 1 point.

  • from the hand on the KD 1 point, the therapist with the other one, looks for an area below the navel, in 

the Lower Burner (that corresponds to the Hara in the Japanese tradition and the Lower Dan Tian in the Daoist

tradition), connected to the point (picture 4). He/she has the sensation his two hands are linked by a rope. He/she 

waits only for its loosening which means that the body has integrated the information and that it corrects itself.

The KD 1 point is open again. 

Picture 4