The outer pathway of the urinary bladder

We regularly treat infants and older children for fears, anxiety manifested by sleep disturbances, night terrors, restlessness, excessive crying, eczema, abdominal pain, enuresis… The main corrections are on THE OUTER PATHWAY OF THE URINARY BLADDER CHANNEL, from UB 42 to UB 53, which is related to the Five Shen (Shen, Hun, Po, Yi and Zhi). Referring to modern research in psychology, this chain is used to treat, among others, birth trauma (the anxiety experienced in the birth canal as the basic model for all future anxieties – see Otto Rank and Stanislav Grof’s work) and Ancestral Memory (see the psychogenealogical approach of Anne Ancelin Schutzenberger, « The Ancestral Syndrome « ).

Decoding :

See chapter XIII, paragraph A.

Specific controls

  • dermis crosswise interrogation of the lateral side of the ankle (see picture 1)
  • surface crosswise interrogation of the clavicle, with the palm of hand (see picture 2)

Determining the disturbed energetic function

The therapist 's fingers on the Water- Wood-Fire positions from the left to the right
  • It is done through a surface crosswise interrogation of the cubital groove, above the radial pulses. Picture 3 shows the therapist ‘s fingers on the Water- Wood-Fire positions from the left to the right. 
  • Confirmation through an osseous vertical interrogation of the metatarsal bones
M5 -> Fire - Minister Fire


The therapist puts one hand on the occipital centre (occiput- C1-C2 – see picture 5), the other hand on the point related to the disturbed organ or viscera (the related point is closed). Note that

Tradition forbids the use of needles in children before puberty.

2 essential points related to fears:

  • UB 52 (in relation to KD)
  • UB 53 (in relation to PC)

Emotional shocks, anniversary of a traumatic event in the family history and how not to mention the coronavirus pandemic, can reactivate blockages in the outer pathway of the UB channel.