The triple warmer channel and the pathway of liquids

The Triple Warmer has an irrigating function. It regulates the circulation of water (fluids) throughout the body and helps the Spleen to drain dampness.

This function is often disturbed in lymphatic circulatory diseases, venous insufficiency manifested by heaviness in the legs, oedema of lower and upper limbs..

Overall control

Among several possible, the transverse (crosswise) interrogation of the dermis on the base of the 3rd metatarsal bone (picture 1).

Picture 1


The therapist palpates through a surface vertical interrogation the TW points on the blocked side in the overall control and searches the point which does not respond (TW 1, TW 2, TW 3 points are frequent).

He/she puts one hand on this point and looks with the other one for an area located slightly above and to the left of the umbilicus linked to the point. This area corresponds to the cysterna chyli (a dilated sac which receives the lymphatic drainage in the abdomen) (picture 2).

Picture 2

The change in tissue is immediately noticeable .


Another TW function:

The Yang Wei Mai is related to the TW channel (its master point is TW 5). It is in resonance with the thyroid and parathyroid glands. Its disturbance, often emotional origin, causes thyroid disorders (nodules, hyper or hypothyroidism). The imbalance at the parathyroid glands level causes muscle spasms (torticollis, lumbago…). This corresponds to the phase III of disease (toxin deposition) related to the Shao Yang channel.