The « Windows of the Sky » are a group of points which allow communication between the head and the trunk, in other words, between Heaven and Earth of the Human being.

They are an entry door for perverse energies of external origin, notably the Wind (GB 20, Fengchi, Wind Pool; DM 16, Fengfu, Wind Palace) but emotional tension can also close these points causing stagnation excess energy in the head (migraines, conjunctivitis, tinnitus…) or cervical blockages (torticollis).

The list of « Window of the Sky » points varies according to the authors, as the ancient texts do not mention them explicitly.

In practice, we distinguish 2 horizontal stripes:

– a superior stripe, at the base of the skull, therefore posterior, from the midline (DM 16) to the mastoid process of the temporal bone. Included in this band are DM 16, UB 10, GB 20, GB 12, TW 17 points.

– an inferior stripe, in the middle cervical region, more antero-lateral, including ST 9, LI 20, SI 16.

overall control

It indicates to the therapist whether at least 1 « Window of the Sky » point is closed. It is done through a transverse interrogation at the level of the dermis in the middle of the anterior flexion fold of the wrist (in the PC 7 area), on the left and on the right (photo 1).

Picture 1

research and correction

Complementary controls on the sternal manubrium determine the stripe concerned. The palpatory research and corrections are summarized in the diagram below (photo 2).

Illustration of The Window of the Sky Points


– On an osteo-articular level, the blockages in the superior stripe disturb the energy movement of the occiput (called Primary Respiratory Mechanism in osteopathy) with a repercussion on the T4-T5 mechanical center and on the proximal phalanx of the thumb which is in resonance with the occiput. Blockages in the inferior stripe, which is more anterior, do not disturb the T4-T5 mechanical center.

– In cervical blockages of traumatic origin (fall, shock, false movement), it is essential to investigate the « Window of the Sky » points.