Thymus and immunity

The thymus, a lymphoid organ located behind the upper part of the sternum, is a key organ of immunity. It ensures the maturation of T lymphocytes which allow to fight against infectious agents and tumour cells. It has an determining role even after adolescence when its density gradually decreases.

Its role has been discussed in the study of the immune function of the Spleen.

The GB 9 point, Ben Shen, now GB 13, is the cephalic control point of the Ren Mai which is in resonance with the thymus.

However, in the control of the cephalic control points of the Extraordinary Channels, this point is rarely to correct (see the Extraordinary Channels on chapter IX). In this study we propose a specific control of thymus.

overall control

It is done through a horizontal transverse interrogation on the surface (epidermis) of the the sole of the forefoot (in the KD 1 point area), with 3 fingers placed flat (picture 1). 

Picture 1

Confirmation through a surface transverse interrogation of the dorsal face of the 5th metacarpal’s head (picture 2).

Picture 2

Search on the thymus

Using a palpation on surface, from the hand at the sole of the foot, the therapist, with the other one, searches for an area in the upper half of the sternum connected to the hand on the foot (picture 3).

Picture 3


The therapist keeps one hand on the sternum and, with the other one, looks for an area in the region of the GB 9 point (now GB 13) connected to the hand on the sternum (picture 4).

Picture 4


  • An energy dysfunction of the thymus is to be looked for in:
    – immune system deficiencies
    – cancers
    The aim of the correction is to stimulate the thymus immune function, but it does not replace the medical treatments currently used.
  • It is manifested by a disturbance of the PC and/or TW channels and a circulation blockage of the Ren Mai in the upper part of the sternum facing the thymus, which self-correct after GB 9 point’s correction.